Fed ‘Doing Everything It Can’ To Suppress Gold Price

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From Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee:

Gold price suppression explained by Reagan Treasury official

Gold price suppression by Western central banks figures heavily in a recent interview with former Assistant U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts by Geoff Rutherford of Sprott Money News.

Gold price suppression is undertaken through naked shorting of the metal by bullion banks upon the encouragement of the Federal Reserve, Roberts says. He adds that it probably will continue until “the Shanghai Gold Exchange in which no naked shorts are possible, produces different prices, different behavior, or until the West is so depleted of gold that the risk of selling all those naked shorts that can’t be covered becomes too high.”

Video and a transcript of the interview are posted at the Sprott Money News site.


From King World News:

Gold, silver price suppression is ‘mission critical’ for Fed

Mining entrepreneur Keith Barron tells King World News suppression of monetary metals prices has been “mission critical” for the Federal Reserve, which has been “doing everything it can to halt true price discovery” in those markets. Barron also warns that the Ebola virus, which has appeared in the United States, has the potential to collapse commerce. An excerpt from the interview is posted at the KWN blog here.


From TheAustralian.com:

Shanghai gold surprise in store

By Robin Bromby, The Australian, Sydney

If you want to know what China will do in the future, it’s usually a good thing to look at its past.

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