Gold Is Now Ready For The Next Leg Up

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Gold was a dead asset for almost 30 years. That is,¬†until it made a new nominal high in 2008 and a new all-time high at $1920.70 in 2011. Gold runs contrary of current trends. Hmm… something to think about. And the amazing bull market in gold came to an end in September 2011, and it fell to lows of $1046.20 by December 2015.

Contrary to what the so-called ‘experts’ tell you, gold will always be the omnipresent, and we highly recommend it should be a part, if not a major part, of your investment portfolio.

This article provides clear evidence that gold is on its way up in 2016.

Key Takeaways-

  • Bull market emerges in early 2016.
  • An ugly correction.
  • Open interest in gold points higher.
  • Central bank junkies are addicted.
  • $1400 next stop.

I believe that gold, the ultimate currency that central banks can never print more of, is telling us that inflation is back and over recent months other raw material prices are telling us the same thing.

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