Dow Burns And Gold Stocks Rock: The Gold and Silver ‘Buy Signal’ is Engaged

Gold Seek writes 24 disheartening historical ‘facts’ and how we are going down with the ship… with the exception of a couple of saving graces, one of them called SILVER, the other GOLD.

  1. In late 2013, I predicted the Fed would taper its QE program to zero, and the first taper would cause gold to rally, stunning the Western gold community.  I also predicted the taper would turn the US stock market into a “wet noodle”.  That’s what happened.
  2. In 2015, I expect the Fed to hike rates sooner than most analysts expect, and I’m predicting that gold rallies on these rate hikes, and global stock markets take a horrific beating. I expect the stock markets of India and China to recover from that beating, but not the American market.
  3. Despite yesterday’s mini-crash, I don’t think the American stock market is pricing in the reality of the coming rate hikes.
  4. Please click here now. That’s the daily Dow chart, and it’s off to a terrible start this year.
  5. The “January indicator” that I use focuses on the first week of trading during each year. If the Dow ends that first week on the downside, it can indicate the entire year will be negative.
  6. That’s because how the Dow trades during the first week of January is a very good barometer of how institutional money managers are adding or withdrawing risk capital, with a one year outlook. So far, their outlook isvery negative.

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Gold or Crushing Paper Debt

(H/T Gold Silver Worlds)

A Yahoo headline: Pentagon Readying For Long War in Iraq, Syria. More war means more debt and higher inflation. Increasing national debt is as certain as death and taxes. Increasing consumer prices follow.



Then the “something for nothing” crowd adds to the trauma.

  1. More programs are funded by government – Medicare, disability, military contractors, “war on poverty,” banker bail-outs, “food stamps,” and many more.
  2. Central banks “print” currency (something for nothing) and pretend that new dollars, euros, yen, and pounds are valuable. The result is more currency in circulation, higher prices, and more economic distortions.
  3. “It’s all good” propaganda from governments and banks disorients the populace. Theantidote is truth. (Thanks to James Quinn at

Governments respond to problems with more spending (stimulus), central banks support the bond and stock markets (QE), and we pretend debt and deficit spending can increase forever (delusional). The U.S. official national debt is nearly $18,000,000,000,000.

Occasionally a 1987 or 2000 stock market crash occurs, a 9-11 event changes the world as we know it, a housing bubble deflates, and major wars are created.

What could dramatically change our world – again – like 9-11 did?

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