What Does Canada’s Housing Bubble Mean for the U.S.?

If Canada’s housing bubble bursts it could have dire consequences for the United States economy. Currently, debt in Canada is cheap and citizens are taking on more of it. In addition, banks are giving out longer amortization periods on loans. With the Canada being the United States’ largest trading partner this could trigger a domino effect on the housing market on both sides of the border, leaving both economies in trouble.


      • Debt in Canada is cheap
      • Canada’s debt will stay the same or increase as the housing market drops.
      • Canada’s and U.S’s economy are intertwined.

“If Canada’s housing bubble bursts before ours does, it could trigger a domino effect that sends us spiraling down sooner than anticipated. If it breaks after ours, or at the same time, it will take away the cushion that we had in the previous recession, making the effects of this one much worse.”


Gold Is Heading For $1500 And This Time It’s for Real Different


A gold IRA is a type of IRA that allows the investor to own physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium instead of the standard paper trail asset that can be sucked up by corruption in a matter of minutes, leaving the investor with nothing. Gold IRA has not only become mainstream, it comes highly recommended by many gurus of investing including Peter Schiff.

Gold is heading for $1500, but there seems to be a different ‘feel’ this time around. There is a bullish Fibonacci retracement and the overall economic fundamentals seems to point in that direction.


  • Gold has made quite a run and some bears argue that it will correct at least 300 points because of a commodity bear super cycle.
  • Despite the long-term double top pattern in gold, one should not automatically presume that crowd behavior will react in a similar manner.
  • This time it really is different as the underlying economic fundamentals support higher gold prices.
  • Currently, gold is in the midst of a bullish Fibonacci retracement and its next target is $1500.

So if you are still hedging on whether or not to make gold part of your retirement plan, think again. When you do make the commitment of gold, make sure you do a thorough comparison of the best Gold IRA custodians.

Original source: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3986944-gold-headed-1500-time-really-different

Switzerland Withdraws Longstanding Application to Join EU


The upper house of the Swiss parliament on Wednesday voted to invalidate its 1992 application to join the European Union, backing an earlier decision by the lower house. The vote comes just a week before Britain decides whether to leave the EU in a referendum.

Twenty-seven members of the upper house, the Council of States, voted to cancel Switzerland’s longstanding EU application, versus just 13 senators against. Two abstained.


  • Switzerland withdraws application
  • Upper House, the Council of States voted 27 v. 13 to cancel

Switzerland’s longstanding application to join the EU has not had a significant impact on the country’s politics for more than 20 years, as its accession negotiations have been suspended since 1992 in the wake of a referendum to join the European Economic Area, when the Swiss voted down the idea of closer ties with the EU.

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