Goldco Precious Metals Ranked #30 in Fastest Growing Companies List

Goldco Precious Metals, the nation’s number one provider of Gold IRAs and Silver IRAs, today announced it has been ranked number 30 on the Los Angeles Business Journal’s list of 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Los Angeles County.

The list is an exclusive ranking of private companies that demonstrate the highest revenue growth in the Los Angeles area. The region is home to more than 244,000 businesses, and has been designated “the nation’s top international trade center and manufacturing center” by the County of Los Angeles.

Previously ranked the nation’s number one Gold IRA provider by Inc. magazine, Goldco’s remarkable expansion reflects the increasing desire among Americans for retirement options that offer a high degree of protection from market volatility.

Gerszt believes Goldco’s success is largely due to its personal service orientation. “We speak to every client as if he or she is our very first customer. We want to know what their challenges are and what their hopes for the future are. Then we get down to making it happen for them.”


  • Goldco Precious Metals, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a privately held retirement services firm
  • The company was founded in 2006 by finance and precious metals authority Trevor Gerszt.
  • Goldco offers direct sales of precious metals coins and bullion to collectors and investors.

“Placing this high on the list is a wonderful honor,” says Goldco CEO Trevor Gerszt. “Los Angeles is an ultra-competitive business environment. To succeed here is to really be at the top of your game. I’m proud we’ve sustained such impressive growth, with no end in sight.”

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There Is Only One Right Way to Do a Precious Metals IRA

Recent promotion of self-storing precious metals in your home has been occurring in the IRA industry. There are many things to be aware of when choosing to save for your retirement this way such as taxes and penalties from the IRS if they discover you are storing metals at home. The only surefire way to own physical metal in an IRA without IRS penalties is by choosing a custodian and set up a self-directed account stored in a professional third party vault.


      • Precious metal IRAs are an attractive investment.
      • While current legalities require metals to be held by a third party, some are trying to circumvent these legalities by declaring themselves a company, thereby keeping the metals.
      • While this option seems attractive, investors should beware the IRS is liable to put a stop to it.

“There really is only one right way to own physical metal in your IRA. Choose a custodian and set up a self-directed account, purchase bullion from a reputable dealer, and store it in a professional third party vault.”

What Does Canada’s Housing Bubble Mean for the U.S.?

If Canada’s housing bubble bursts it could have dire consequences for the United States economy. Currently, debt in Canada is cheap and citizens are taking on more of it. In addition, banks are giving out longer amortization periods on loans. With the Canada being the United States’ largest trading partner this could trigger a domino effect on the housing market on both sides of the border, leaving both economies in trouble.


      • Debt in Canada is cheap
      • Canada’s debt will stay the same or increase as the housing market drops.
      • Canada’s and U.S’s economy are intertwined.

“If Canada’s housing bubble bursts before ours does, it could trigger a domino effect that sends us spiraling down sooner than anticipated. If it breaks after ours, or at the same time, it will take away the cushion that we had in the previous recession, making the effects of this one much worse.”

Why Gold And Silver Prices Will Rise Soon

Precious metal prices have plummeted this week. Some experts advise this is because of the strength of the dollar or the global economy are behind the fall. One expert believes it happened because China closed for the week, and expects it to rebound when they open back up. On another note, this could be a great time for buyers to invest in precious metals before the bull market takes effect.


      • If you are a precious metals investor then you may be wondering why the price of gold and silver were absolutely massacred this week. Ask the expert pundits on financial media and you’ll get a swath of explanations for how the strength of the dollar or the improving health of the global economy are to blame. One could reasonably argue that dollar strength this week could certainly put downward pressure on the gold price. So, too, could one make the point that mainstream perspective is such that the economy is improving, which means investors aren’t in panic mode and have no reason to hold a safe haven asset. But neither of these arguments could realistically lead to the smack down we witnessed this week.
      • Had you been listening only to the big financial news sites, you would have noticed that they made no mention of this very important fact. With China closed the markets were open for rampant manipulation, which is exactly what happened as several billion dollars in leveraged paper assets were dumped on the market.
      • What does that mean for investors? This could be one of our last buying opportunities before the long-term bull market trend makes another move like it did in the first part of this year which saw precious metals rise amid market panic.

“One could reasonably argue that dollar strength this week could certainly put downward pressure on the gold price.”